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AFP Top Ten Fundraising Tips (Week of September 12, 2018): Donor Engagement Surveys, Donor-Advised Funds, Performance Metrics & More!

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Need some tips on how to do your job better? Or maybe just a reminder on some key skills, the insight on the latest research, and the latest, coolest ideas from the best minds in the fundraising profession?

Each week, AFP gathers the top blog posts, videos, articles and other resources to help you keep on top of latest trends and reach your fundraising goals. Here’s this week’s Top Ten:

1. Donor Engagement Surveys (Bloomerang): If your organization isn’t perceived as being trustworthy, or if your donors aren’t feeling committed, satisfied, or close to your organization, do you think they are likely to give again? Are you ready to find out how your donors feel about you?

2. Is It Time to Leave Your Fundraising Shop? (AFP Inclusive Giving): It’s a question most of us have asked at one point or another regarding our jobs: “Is it time for me to leave?” Before you let those doubts hold you back, take a moment to reflect on whether your initial desire to leave is well-founded.

3. Donor-Advised Funds and Community Foundations, Reimagined (The Nonprofit Quarterly): Done the right way, reforming donor-advised funds would not only help working charities, but would also allow community foundations to grow in stature and do what they do best in a more effective way.

4. Generous Giving or Phony Philanthropy? A Critique of Well-Meaning 'Winners' (NPR): Writer Anand Giridharadas has been writing about people who say they're changing the world for the better — except that despite their best efforts, it's not working.

5. Five Capital Campaign Strategies to Energize Your Annual Fundraising (Capital Campaign Masters): Warning, capital campaign fundraising is not the same old business as usual. Instead, it’s exciting and demanding and special. That’s what makes it work. So, if you want to jump-start your annual fundraising using campaign strategies, you’ve got to be willing to try some new things.

6. Photos to Ignite Year-End & Protect Privacy (Getting Attention): Photos can be so powerful in telling your story and inspiring donors, but charities also have to pay attention to increasing privacy concerns.

7. Seven Best Practices: Make the Perfect Online Ask to Your Donors (Guidestar Blog): A nice overview of online giving. Making an online ask can be tough, but if you do the necessary prep work, it can be as easy as making an in-person ask. It’s all about building your presence online.

8. Hiring Major Gift Officers is Almost Impossible. Be Your Own MGO. (Artful Fundraiser): Leaders of nonprofits, it is time to become your own Major Gift Officer. It is cheaper and more fun to do the work yourself, but it won’t be easy to begin.

9. Fundraising Performance Metrics: How to Analyze Donor Data for New Strategies (Omatic Software): Certain fundraising methods or strategies that may have worked several decades ago are now outdated, forcing nonprofits to adapt. Check out these critically important fundraising performance metrics to help you put together an expertly-crafted fundraising strategy.

10. Want a Winning Social Media Strategy? Take This First Step! (Fired Up Fundraising): Your social media strategy presence is a direct reflection of your organization. If you want to max out your visibility and bring in more donations, your social media channels must be buttoned up